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S. James Boumil is an attorney with in-depth experience in both domestic and international civil litigation. He was awarded his doctorate (cum laude) from Boston College in 1972 after taking a degree in physics (mathematics minor). Attorney Boumil has often found his scientific background to be a critical advantage in the practice of law through the emphasis of in depth knowledge and the application of logic. He is well versed in a broad spectrum of science and engineering issues.

Imagine, for example, that you have a business litigation involving a mathematical modeling of economic projections, manufacturing process, trade secrets or hi-tech issues. Who would digest the facts and form a plan more efficiently – someone who majored in history or political science, or someone who has professional and practical experience in science? The same is true of a variety of cases, whether individual business planning or product liability claims with complex factual presentations. Facts matter. Skill in analyzing facts matter more.

Attorney Boumil has successfully handled multi-million dollar cases in jurisdictions as diverse as Hong Kong, Japan, and the Middle East, as well as numerous States. Some of the judgments obtained by Boumil Law Offices are among the largest in the jurisdictions where issued.

Attorney Boumil has also served widely in his community. He was  member of the Board of Directors of the Human Services Corporation, which was instrumental in bringing the “Urban National Park” to Lowell, MA. He was appointed by Governor Frank Sargent to serve as the Chairman of the University of Lowell Building Authority, and saw its bond rating go from “junk bond” status to “A” rated under his
tenure. He was appointed “Special Assistant Attorney General” to the University of Lowell Board of Trustees by Attorney General Francis Belotti. He served as litigation counsel to the Merrimack Valley Residents for the Environment in an entirely pro-bono effort to block construction of a potentially polluting power plant. Conversely, he has also represented power plant developers in international transactions in the Middle East.

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